Monday, December 20, 2010

I hurt

Yesterday's accident has left me a very hurting unit today. I have barely slept last night. Each time I closed my eyes I had an instant replay of our accident, each time I moved I was reminded of every stiff muscle (extremely stiff muscle). Yes, I am still very thankful for those very stiff muscles being the extent of my injuries but that doesn't prevent them from being any less sore and making work that much more difficult (in about 2 hours).  BigDaddy thinks I am in shock still. Last night, as we lay trying to sleep, I kept crying and was unable to control it. I felt stupid because I really am so grateful that we have such minor injuries and that our car is 100% but I could not control the crying.

Once everyone was given a clean bill of health and we had been pulled out of the snow, I did snap a couple pictures (you know since I had my camera with us to take pictures of our family Christmas and all). There is nothing graphic just the vehicles and such (as I said no one was seriously hurt in this accident).

 This is where we were in the ditch (our final destination), on the south side of the road.
 This shot is how high the snow is at my window, thus the reason I could not open my door at all.
 The kids keeping warm in the sleeping bag we kept for "emergencies" we never thought would happen to us.
 An unsung hero, the tow truck (driver) pulling us out. Sometimes I think people forget how critical they are in emergencies, the dangers they face in these accidents and the sights they come across (without the training emergency personel have).
 A bad shot, but this is where the tow truck driver pulled us out from. It was deeper than it looks in the picture.
 RCMP on the scene. What a great bunch of police officers we have in our area. The kids were grateful and were able to say "thank you, Mr Policeman." to the two officers who stayed at the scene with us.

 The snow on the inside of our engine and we had all ready been scooping snow out of there. It was packed solid!
This is only some of the snow we had taken out of the engine compartment.  The rest is still under the car.

I didn't feel right putting up pictures of the other girl's car. That is not my place. But I think I have tired myself out a bit now - at least enough that I may be able to catch a nap before I have to get ready for work.

Thank you, God!

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  1. I am so sorry to read that you were in an accident. Praying for healing for you and for adjustment!!!!