Monday, December 13, 2010

It just keeps going and going and going

Kinda like the energizer bunny but, you know, not pink, and without the drum...

But wow have the last few days weeks gone by fast. I've tried to come here.  I visited a few of you. Work and church have been super busy. Baking for bake exchanges. Eating too much at Christmas parties. Writing a skit for New Years Eve (which is finished! This time it only took 6 hours.). Booking hotel rooms, places to stay with friends, people to watch our reptilian and fishie critters, buying gifts, getting them to the people we won't see, making arrangements to see family before Christmas, getting passports and birth certificates out and packed...

Whew!  I am tired just writing that list out and that list isn't even close to being a comprehensive list.  Let's not forget all the "last minute" photo shoots...

Anywho, all that to say, I think the chaotic part of this is done and I just may not be lying if I say "I am back".  I'm not sure yet but maybe it won't be a lie.

Enjoy your family! Enjoy your friends! Please, eat your Christmas baking responsibly {grin}! I'll see you in the funny pages!


  1. Busy, busy woman you are! :) At least it sounds like you're enjoying everything, no matter how busy it all gets. I hope your holidays are as fantastic as any have ever been -- you deserve it!! :)

  2. How's Rush? Balance is a Blessing from the Lord...

  3. Thanks, ladies.

    Anonymous, thank you for asking. Rush is doing quite well. She seems to have created a life for herself that she thinks is fulfilling. We are hoping to get together with her right after we come back from our holiday. It will be VEFRY nice.

  4. Hope you ALL have a wonderful Christmas season.

    (oh and that sentence should read "VERY") {grin - silly bandaid on my finger}