Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I uber love hotels

Most times, unless the weather takes a frightful turn - and even then my husband has moved baracades to go around them- he & I drive straight through on long trips. Our 24 hour trips to KC have not been any different but... this time we have Jellybean and Bug with us and we wanted to have a very nice, relaxing time with them.

Hotel there and hotel back! Yeah baby! We searched a bit on the internet and picked two hotels that we liked that have waterslides or play areas so we can get rid of pent up energies in the pool area and make some fun memories.

Here are a couple from the way down...

 Pink panther and Allie the bunny were too tuckered out to play... they got the bed ready for the kids {wink}
Two exhausted, happy, wonderful children!

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