Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dream a little dream for me

Rush is definitely coming for a visit this weekend!  She is taking the 6:30 bus which means she will arrive at the bus station in our city at about 8:30 tomorrow night.

One of her friends, Jarrah, approached me today at the school and asked if she was, indeed, coming.  When I told her of the plans and Rush's excitement to be coming, to work a bit on Manville and to be able to go to a church service, she told me she had a dream about Rush.  Another (Tasha), of the group of girls who had gathered around to hear when they would get to see their friend, piped up and said "I had a dream about her the other day too!"  She went on to tell us how she dreamed that Rush was talking to her and crying, apologizing for all the things she had done that had affected her dear friend.  Jarrah's face grew whiter and whiter as Tasha told her dream and when Tasha was done Jarrah quietly stated that that was what her dream was too (only with her and Rush and not Tasha and Rush).

Last week BigDaddy was praying about the terrible things that we figured this visit was going to be and God spoke to him saying, "How do you know I am not all ready working?"

I am looking forward to this weekend and anything that it does bring.  I hope for Rush to restore some severed relationships with these friends (as a start) and go from there.  Right now the only thing I am praying for is a softening of her heart that God may do what He must and that He may work in her this weekend. 

I'll keep you updated but it may not be until Monday.  I am going to spend as much of my time with my girl as I can.


  1. Thank you so very much for the thoughtful comments that you left on my blog. I appreciated your thoughts very much.
    I do not know your whole story with your Rush {I read this post and your sidebar}, but I am praying for restoration right now. As a mommy, I cannot imagine.

  2. yay!! :)
    can't wait to hear what happens!!!!!!!