Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is it really almost done?

Those duplexes our church has been rebuilding?

The last day of working on them will be tomorrow night.  They will be finished!  Wow!  It feels so weird and so good.

Last night, I spent the night filling nail holes and washing paint splatters off the floor.

Sounds like final touches to me!


BigDaddy, Jellybean, Bug & I have been working there every evening this week (not me on Monday though; I had a migraine).

Lat night as we were leaving Jellybean piped up (in a very tired yet happy voice), "People are going to come from all over to see Manville & take pictures of it, put it in newspapers, on wallpaper, on backgrounds, try fitting it on cookies..."

We erupted in fits of uncontrolled giggles.  Overtired much?

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