Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm so excited!

Oh, just about started channeling The Pointer Sisters for a second... {grin}  (you know, if I believed in that sort of thing).

Jellybean and Bug are excited too.

Why are we so excited?

Tomorrow BigB comes home (BigDaddy, if you will).  He's been gone for a week and we've only been able to talk to him a couple times as he has been so far north that the internet was constantly going down or he had absolutely no cell coverage...

We are absolutely thrilled to have him back!  Just in time for our conference "Contending for Revival".  First night was actually tonight.

BUT and that's a big 'but'
We have another thing that we are excited about.  We get our new car tomorrow.  Ok, new is sort of  a push. It is almost as old as I am.  Uh, so not kidding here but this car is in so much better shape than the one we have been driving (which makes us sea sick every day thanks to some computer sensor that no one can fix that make the car lunge, sputter and cough).  The "new" car is an '86 Chevy Caprice and if we tint our windows we will, we've been told, look rather maffiaesque.  Hmmm?  Let's "pimp" that baby up.  :-D

The best thing about this car is, it is paid for completely! With a minor technicality.  We are paying for it with the income tax we get back so we have, in the mean time, borrowed the money from BigDaddy's parents.  Well that and the fact that you can fit A LOT in the trunk of the car.  We are talking 1 adult sized body and 2 children aged 6 1/2 and 9. {Ahem} Don't ask how we know that or why it was important to know so we could figure out our bulk grocery space.  {grin}

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