Friday, June 11, 2010

Chances Are

if you were here with me

→ we would be sitting at the kitchen table sipping on iced teas and listening to Jellybean and her friend, Cass, doing homework together.

→ we would have just finished eating a small tiger tiger ice cream cone and may have snacked on some tortilla chips and Avo-Hummus - a new deliscious item in our deli that is half guac and half hummus and is 100% delish!

→ we may just be discussing if we were going to do one of those home facial envelopy things you can buy at Walmart.

→ I may be sharing with you the few stories I have of my Uncle K who just passed away after struggling after having a stroke a few months ago. He was married to an Inuit lady and lived in a very, very northern part of Canada.  (yes, he has even had a polar bear break into his trailer!)

→ we may be talking about the great service we had at church last night and how there is another service there again tonight with the same guest speaker.

→ I could be telling you that it is getting a bit easier for me to be the "testimony lady" and my fear of speaking in front of people.

→ if we were sitting in my living room you may not even be able to tell that I am far from completing the unpacking process of our move.  All the boxes are nicely hidden in our basement...

in front of the numerous bags of my clothes (meaning, I have 4 outfits that I rotate until I can reach my clothes.)

→ I would probably mention how I was going through withdrawls from taking pictures as I don't know where my battery charger is or my "good" camera.  I would probably mention that I know there are loads of great pictures for me to share once I do get all the cables and gizzmos and gadgets located.

→ I would really appreciate our visit as my husband has been out of town all last week; this week has had a lot of work to do on some of the other units here (there's a deadline) and I am anticipating (read pouting) the fact that he is going to be out of town again all next week too.  Three weeks without seeing my husband is way, way, way too long!

I am really hoping that he will be here the following week as our 10th anniversary is coming up on the 24th.  We were married on my grandpa's 100th birthday. Were he still alive he this would make 110.  I love that I can share this special day with the memories of such a great man - like my grandfather!  We have a lot of shared special days in our family...

Our wedding anniversary with my grandpa's birthday
Jellybean and BigDaddy's birthdays
Rush and mine is very close together
Bug and my dad's...

Time to go for that facial...and perhaps a nap...

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  1. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Happy anniversary!!!!!!! I would love to come on over and get a facial:O) Oh and that guaq hummus dip sounds yummo!