Saturday, June 19, 2010

You want to what?!?!?!

This beautiful girl

You know, the one who will be 10 years old at the end of November?

The cute one?

The one that goes by Jellybean on this blog and, a great deal of time, at home...?

Yeah! That one.

She wants me to teach her how to shave her legs when she has her next bath!

Um, hello! Wasn't it just last week we were working on how to say 'mama'?


Longer ago than that?

Hmm!  Pretty sure that was last week...

Did you just hear that!?  The popping?

Yup, pretty sure I just heard another gray hair pop out of my head. 

Uh huh! There it is.  {sigh}


  1. hey nice blog & i am ur newest follower.
    Pls do visit me & i hope u follow back too

  2. My sister is 10 and wanting to do the same. I swear I was 12 or 13! Yikes!

  3. Please just wait...they grow up so fast.....and you do it for the rest of your life!

  4. That's what I am thinking too! It's not like she NEEDS to shave her legs. I think she just wants to be grown up. I am going to delay as much as possible.