Friday, June 4, 2010

Faces from the past

can show up in strange places...

Like in the midst of your living room garage sale, glancing through the things you don't have room to take with you.

I watched an old man struggle up my stairs and heard Jellybean say to him, "If you see something you like but you don't like the price, you just talk to my mama."  {insert image of Jellybaen rubbing her fingers together like money here}

He was enamored with her.  Most people are; she is a loveable, endearing child.

He asked her for a piece of paper, sat down at our table & began telling her a story about how his teacher would give him heck for scribbling but that he learned that scribbles can be beautiful.  He then began to scribble on the paper and produced a tree, then another and another.  An owl emerged, mountains, a pond and cattails and he signed it "Papa Allard".

"Are you related to the Allards from {insert the name of my small hometown here.}.

"How do you know that haywire clan," he says.

"Oh, they had a farm near ours."

"Well, I'll be...," he says.

Turns out this wonderful old man, full of all sorts of stories and fun jokes for the kids was indeed our neighbor down the road.

He never did buy anything but he left having given us a lot.

Once I unpack the picture, I will share it with you.


  1. a person with such wisdom! how neat to spend some time with him!!!!!!

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