Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a blur

the last 4 days have been.

Late Thursday night, I received a call that we needed to grab the things we would need for a couple of days and we needed to relocate to another unit so that some dry wall flubs could be fixed.

I was sick Thursday... si-ick.  I had an incredibly high fever and I woke up Friday morning not knowing where I was or why I was there.  It did not take long to figure out that it was not a hospital and a few minutes of looking at the room, and I remembered what was going on.  I crawled out of bed, got my kids ready for and to school, and made my way back to bed for the remainder of the day.  Saturday I was up a bit but napped very periodically and made it through the church corporate prayer night we had feeling refreshed and renewed but SO ready for bed. {Grin} Sunday was another great service, had lunch with great friends and did some work around the house.

Today I went to work, got groceries {including a new electronic gadget - a pocket-sized videocamera that will come in very handy dandy}, had same friends over for supper and we have been working on painting our house, cleaning window sills, painting trim and getting our furniture moved back from the center of the room where it had been piled and protected with poly.

I have two more window sills to clean tomorrow after work and then I get to start unpacking a few more boxes before I get to go to our corporate prayer team teaching meeting.  I look so forward to those days; I adore learning about how to do things better, more effectively and in the prescribed way.

In all of this "gee, this sounds like she figures she is all that & a bag of chips, keeping so busy - a in't she special" {grin}, please let me be the first to point out to you that today is Monday.  My children have music lessons on Mondays.  Go two paragraphs up.  Yup.  I forgot to take my children to their lessons and we were moving last Monday so that is two weeks in a row that they have missed...

...Mom fail...


Told you that all ready...?  *Blushes*  Oops!  My bad...

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  1. What??? Rush??? Wow, you have had a busy few days. Praying for you!