Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"I'd like to make a report"

That is how Jellybean began her conversation with the manager of the restaurant we took BigDaddy to on Father's Day.

She went to the washroom and, at some point, I began to think she had been gone just a bit too long and went looking for her, wondering if she was feeling all right.

I found her standing at the doorway into another part of the restaurant searching for someone.

"What't the matter, baby?  You doin' ok?"

"Yes, mama but, I saw some swears on the bathroom stall wall and I have to make a report."

"To the manager?"


"Do you know who you're looking for, honey?"

"Yes.  There she is. I have to make my report now, Mom."

So, I let her go off to speak with the manager to file her "report".

I, proudly, informed my husband and the other two couples we were with of her mission.  We all decided that we wish we had her boldness, her conviction and her desire to change things that don't sit well with her and her beliefs or desires. Her biggest concern for the swearing on the wall, after all, was that she didn't want other children to see those words and think they were ok.

We asked her how it went once she got back to the table.

"Good. I told them there were swears on the wall and the manager, she said she would get it painted."

And she carried on eating her dinner like it was no big deal...

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