Thursday, July 22, 2010


this post?

Well, I have a winner.  Well, a winner in theory and less in prize since, as I said, there was no actual prize other than me thinking you is da bomb if you could figure out what in the world Bug was talking about.

One of you did.  I had two guesses and the first guess by Braley Mama was a well thought out guess and darn good if I can say so.  Click on her name to go get to know her.  I just peaked at her lastest entry and it looks absolutely delicious - angel hair pasta with meat sauce.  I am, officially, hungry now!

But the winner, the big cheese, the wizard of Oz...ok, ok, I"ll stop now. {grin} Is Missy! How she knew that a "Sponge Buddy Safety" was my son playing the game and referring to punch buggy, I'll never know but I will tell you this, her children have got to be as crazy as mine in order for her to have figured it out so quickly.  If I had something worthwhile to prize you with, I totally would.

Thanks, ladies, for playing my silly little game. *THUD* Punch Buggy SAFETY!!!!!

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  1. Ohhhhh! Good to know:O)
    Thanks for the sweet link:O)