Saturday, July 31, 2010

Water Logged

No, we actually aren't water logged but we have (moreso my family) been able to spend a lot of time at the beach this week, fishing, boating, swimming, floating...

Wednesday & Thursday BigDaddy took the kids and a friend to the lake with the church's boat.  They had a blast.

Yesterday, I had a day off so off the 4 of us went.  Again, we grabbed the boat to catch some a fish.  Then we played in the water, boated around, enjoyed the cool spray of water from the boat and ate some roasted hotdogs before coming back in time for Corporate Prayer (it was a great day).

Today, we are waiting for BigDaddy to get back from taking J.J. (our nephew) back to work and we are hitting the road again.  Going to a quiet, little known lake to visit with my Dad and Jude.  They've all ready caught a couple fish this morning and it sounds like a fishfry is on the menu for supper!  WooHoo! 

(next week I will be uploading pictures so I can share some of our fun times with you guys - just need the time to do it and it will not be happening this week.  Off to enjoy my family! See you soon!)

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  1. i love the water, sounds like a great time together mama!!