Friday, July 9, 2010

Today I became "a old woman"

Or, how my children guage they are getting older.

Bug was walking in the parking lot of StuffMart (aka well, you all know where) when a truck drove towards him.  As we were walking in the door Bug says to me, "Mama, that black truck saw me and slowed down.  I AM getting older!"

***This next part could possibly contain a bit of TMI if you are of the male persuasion as it pertains to girls growing up just so you are fair warned.***

And the really big reason I am "a old woman"... Today I bought Jellybean her very first bra! {Gasp and TEAR!}  Seriously, when did this happen?  Yes, I know I said I was a grandma-to-be but that doesn't make me old!  I did not birth the mama-to-be; that makes my husband old.  Wait.  He didn't birth the mama-to-be either but you all know what I mean!  {grin}

My baby girl is currently - that is to say RIGHT NOW - wearing a bra! For the first time ever! Someone hand my my cane and schedule my first hip replacement surgery or something like that.

Oh and her reaction to wearing it?

"Mom, it's tight.  It feels too tight." (I adjust the shoulder straps and check it out to see). 
"No, honey it fits just right."
"Then why is it so tight!?"
"It's not tight, honey. Your just not used to wearing something there and you will get used to it.  I promise."

(I just hope she is not like Rush when she was developing.  It seemed like we were having to buy a new cup size every week but that just may be a slight exaggeration - maybe.)


  1. Oh no! My niece is turning 11 today. And getting the "girls", I say too soon:O)

  2. ROFL. I still have a few more years until I have to face that.