Friday, July 2, 2010


We just got over a storm here that we have not seen the likes of in quite a while.  Roofs were blown off buildings, huge maple trees have been pulled up by their roots, graineries blown from nearby fields onto our streets, boats have been overturned in lots, cars were stalled in lakes of water, streets were flooded.

We went to the church tonight to discover a flood but, while working together, we got the sanctuary in shape for tonight's service and have fans drying out our carpets.

I have pictures taken from my husband's Blackberry - if I get them.  They are pretty dark but I think they still show enough of what happened. I don't know what the extent of the damage is but it is bad. This was not a tornado but I do believe we had plough winds (I think they are called Straight winds by some).

The other day, in the city Rush lives they had flooding to one out of every 10 houses - bad flooding, a manhole cover was shot through the floor of a moving city bus. Plus all of the trees and all that was blown over or away.

Clean up has all ready begun as the car dealership that wound up with the majority of one of the buildings' roofs in it got their lot fully cleaned up of debris.  All around us, though are reminders of this storm.

I get that it is nothing compared to the storms that some of you get with hurricanes and tornadoes and tsunamis and all those horrific things but for this little prairie town...

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  1. We had three of those kind of storms in 8 days. The last one was last Sat eve. Fortunately, I was only "home alone" (with the kids of coarse) for one of those. We didn't get any damage, fortunately, although we would have rejoiced, er, i mean, we wouldn't have cried, ahem, if our roof sustained some damage. (We need a new one, and if insurance would pay for it, even better). BUt lots of trees down, roofs off, some flooding, and some straight line winds. Plus a few tornadoes around the area. The biggest inconveneince is we had the power out for 24 hrs and so our sump pump and fridge we of concern. THe manhole cover thing (giggle) blows me away. :D Glad not to be on that bus.