Friday, July 9, 2010

SURPRISE!!!!! and other tidbits

It has been a great week!  We have been busy and blessed.

Tuesday morning Jellybean's bike was stolen.  Surprise! Not a good surprise but a surprise all the same.  Her uncle took her and a couple other of the children here to look for it but no dice.  However she was certain that she saw it Wednesday at a house just down the street from us.  Yesterday Big Daddy and a couple other guys went to get a closer look.

Why so many guys to go get a bike?  In this neighborhood, you never know what kind of person is living in any given house.  We range from little grannies/grandpas to hard-working class family folk to drug dealers and gang members or gang member wanna-bes.  I am most scared of the wanna-bes; they don't even follow the "laws" of the street in order to get noticed by gangs.

Anywho, they were able to get Jellybean's bike back.  Yes it was hers.  How do I know for sure.  I took a picture of the back of her bike and have a picture of the serial number on my laptop and that was exactly what my husband told the City Police when they asked him what proof he had that this was Jellybean's bike.  His response?  "Well, ok then. You take your daughter's bike back {big grin}."
Tuesday we went to The City to get our passport forms in and were able to see Rush for a bit.  It was nice to see her but I have to admit that I am not fond of the person she is becoming and who my mother/step-father are allowing her to become.  She is a self-absorbed, selfish young girl right now.  I do still keep my faith that she will be shaken and regain her need and love of God.
I decided a few days ago that I was tired of my family just making enough.  That is what we have been doing this last two years "just getting by" with enough money to pay our bills, our rent, the kids' school fees and have food on the table. 

So, today I have an interview for a part time job with a doctor's office where I will (potentially) be making more than minimum wage and will be able to have "extra" money each month.  This means we will not be having to save up knowing we need to repair a vehicle or when we notice that the kids have outgrown their clothes or if a birthday party is coming up. 

If you're the praying kind, please pray that God's will be done in regards to this interview.  That is my mandate in prayer lately.  I don't want to be coming to Him with my list of demands, er, needs. I want to pray as outlined in The Lord's Prayer: Your will be done; Your kingdom come...
Two very dear young men have moved back to our city.  Two boys who are like family to this one and they both came home yesterday.  It was a happy day.
Now, to start preparing for this interview...

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  1. praying for His will in this interview, and that satan will be bound!