Monday, March 14, 2011

And cue scene

from the Wizard of Oz; you know, the one where the witch is "melting".


Because I got off work today, I was greeted with the gloriousness of zero degrees and the snow melting at phenomenal speeds.  There are puddles EVERYWHERE and I am fighting back the most intense urges to throw dignity and class to the wayside and start splashing in the puddles RIGHT NOW!

So, my first day off this week is Wednesday and I will be off to get us (well, me and the kids) some rubber boots to kick Spring into gear with a fabulous puddle splashing party! BigDaddy probably will not be joining in on the spectacular festivities - not really his cup of tea.

I know there will still be a bit more "winter" but this is the beginning of its end. Take a big whiff of that! You know what that is? That's the smell of digging in the earth to find earth worms, of freshly mowed grass and steaks on the grill! 

Woo stinkin' who!!!!

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