Saturday, March 26, 2011

Family Roots and all that jazz

Excited to be going to spend some time with my cousin, Rhonda today! She is hil-ay-ree-us!  We're going to get working somemore on the family tree book I have been working on!  Yay!

Just got an email back from another Norwegian cousin! Glad to meet you, Ole!

One of my nephews was in the hospital last night. Hurt his... ah, tenders when he landed splitsville on a 2x4.  Poor guy! (you're quite welcome for me not using your name as I am sure you don't want this connected with your name all over the cyber space grin)

My brother and I hijacked one of my facebook statuses (on my personal acct) last night with our silliness... I think there may be about 60 non-pertaining messages on that one.  Love him to pieces!

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