Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Middle

is not a place I like being unless it's in the middle of God's presence or in the middle of a good day with my friends and family... maybe even the middle of a good piece of cake. MMM cake! {grin}

Anyway, it seems like I am in the middle of a lot of things today. I am in the middle of a job decision - pretty sure I made the final decision today however, in the middle of a pantry/freezer clean out month, in the middle of a few projects... (one of those projects is HUGE, like making our family tree HUGE for an upcoming family reunion - YAY!)

I find no dismay about being in the middle.  I, simply, would much rather be at the end. I am a finisher, a list-crosser-offer. {Don't even begin to tell me that that is not a real word because it so totally has to be! grin}

I have decided to make an executive decision. You know because I am the executive of... of... I am an executive decision maker of my househould (not the)... no more projects will be started by me until I get at least two crossed off my current list.

I better get going here though. I am, after all, in the middle of making supper. {ha ha!}

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