Thursday, March 3, 2011

There is a full out attack on my nasal passage

I am not taking this lightly! Oh no! I brought out my Mr. Clean Febreeze Meadow and Rain scent. {sidenote: how does Mr Clean Febreeze capture that meadow/rain scent. Hmmmm? "'Splain" that to me, as Bug used to say.)

Anyway, this full blown attack, this war of the nasal passages - one of the worst smells I have ever had to smell (and I grew up on a farm that raised horses, cattle, chickens AND pigs and my uncle raised sheep!).

Rotten potatoes!!!!!!

It hits you like a rusty nail through your sinuses, right into the very center of your brain!

And I know you are all wondering 'did the Mr. Clean Febreeze Meadow and Rain scent make your home smell like meadows and rain?'.
No stinkin' chance! {grin} It made my house smell like rotten potatoes frolicking in a meadow with rain....

I think I need to bring out the big guns... tomorrow... me, the rotten potato smell and bleach!  {but mum's the word, ok.  I don't want the word to get out on the street. No snitching my plan so this deviant smell knows what to expect. mmmkay?}

Why couldn't my house smell like... homemade bread or apple pie or the sweet chili chicken and sushi rice I made this evening... {to clarify it was only the meal I made today. I certainly didn't have time for the homemade bread nor the apple pie... just keepin' it real y'all. GRIN}

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that cannot be good! I, too, would have much preferred the bread or apple pie...

    I like the image I got of rotten potatoes frolicking in the meadow... too funny!!

    Good luck with the 'big guns' (I said that in a whisper...)