Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saving money! LOTS of money!!!

Why? Well, you see my new best friend (AKA my cousin, S - who totally rocks {you know who you are}) is coming to meet us from Italy in July! Whoooo stinkin' whoooo!

So today, on facebook chat, he tells me that he is buying himself a cowboy hat, a belt, a vest and jeans, stopping at the nearest bar when he gets here, buying himself a glass of bourbon and going to watch the local ladies. (I am pretty sure humor is a strong family gene)

I told him I would have bail money for him and that we would keep our phones on.  Pretty sure I'd better start saving now... {grin}

I'm looking so forward to meeting him (and the other cousins that may be coming). S and I will be co-cooking a nice big lasagne since it is, apparently, both our specialty dish... mmm that will be tasty!

Maybe by then he will have a nickname... He needs a cool one. If you have any ideas for my cousins nickname (unless I find out if he has one all ready) you let me know, for now he's the Norsk Rockstar!


  1. How about the Italian Stallion ??? :OP

  2. He's a Norwegian transplant; will that still work? :D