Saturday, March 12, 2011

Coming out the woodwork

Picture it. Christmas time. (those of you who have been with me for a while know we had an adventurous trip home that was anything but what we had planned) But look at that, I digress before I even began to type the post...

I got home to an email from a gentleman who thought we were related. Turns out we are! He's my cousin. Technically he's my dad's cousin but you get the idea! He is from my grandpa's side of the family and that is all I will get into as far as that, given that I have tried to maintain bloggerworld anonimity for the safety's sake.  But the cool part is we have been getting to know each other, fill each other in on family and he is planning to come meet us this summer!!!! I don't think you guys want me to use the amount of exclamation marks I need in order to protray how excited I am about this!

Now, like just now! I received a message on facebook (my personal, not blog related) from another second cousin from one of my grandpa's other brothers. I am over the moon with excitement and joy and happiness over getting to know my family... family I have dreamed of knowing since I was a little girl.

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