Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'm Rubber

Nope, not going to finish that with "your glue"...

For "family time", BigDaddy and I took the kids to the gym to go walking/jogging on the track. BigDaddy spent a fair bit of time in the weight room but, as the kids are too small to be in there, we spent all our time on the track. Almost 7 trips around gives you a mile.  I did 16 trips around.  One of those trips was 3/4 around the track at a fastish jog. 

Oh, did it sound like I was proud of that 3/4 jog trip?

I would definitely like to have been able to make it all the way... at least once!  But that will come.  I have never been one to like running.  Get me a partner and let's kick the crap out of each other... oh yes, Tae Kwon Do was the sport of my youth. Well, that horseback riding, walking all over the farmyard and any outdoor chores I was assigned to do (you know, like cleaning the pig pen and the chicken coop).

Bug ran just about the entire hour we were there...

Jellybean ran about 3/4 of that hour...

$12 for our family to go in and enjoy a clean, safe place to walk or skip or frolick or do tricep curls or whatever... {grin} Saw my cousin's husband; he coaches a girl's soccer team (or assists, not sure).

I was just thinking though, how much money does it cost to take a family of four to a movie? About $30 for the tickets and then what for popcorn, etc? I really don't know; it has been so long since we have done something like that. A meal for 4 at McDonalds is about $25-$30...but for $12, we went and got some exercise, taught our children that fun can also be healthy and showed them that family time is not simply stuck on a couch or with a BigMac in your face... Yay!!!!

Pretty sure tomorrow my legs will look, and feel, a lot like I am standing on Jell-o...
Just sayin'


  1. Dean and I enjoyed that kind of walking at the Art Hauser Center last week too! Haven't been back due to work schedule, but plan to be a semi-regular at it. Looking forward to going by myself as well with my iPod. Not sure if I'll end up singing out loud or not though.... ;) !!

  2. sounds like fun sister!
    we need to do that soon!