Tuesday, January 11, 2011

25 Random Things About Me

I saw this on a thread in a BlogFrog community and thought it looked like a lot of fun.  So, here goes my list of 25 Random Things About Me.

1. I loathe wearing socks. I will, in fact, only wear them at work or if I am outside playing in the snow on an extremely cold day; otherwise I am in flipflops, dress shoes (sans socks) and even slip my feet into my winter boots without socks on! Can't stand them.

2. When I wear socks my feet "feel" claustrophobic. Not even kidding. Most of the time I can't even stand having my feet under the blankets.

3. My house burned down when I was a pre-teen. I have very few pictures of my family from before that time as a result. Due to that I have become addicted to taking pictures of everyone and everything.

4. My heart's desire was to become a nurse. I got accepted into school but had to turn it down due to circumstances. I still hold a bit of resentment over that.

5. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. (Whatdya mean I am all ready a grown-up!?)

6. As a child I would lay in the pasture with the calves curled up against them and their mamas and my grandparents/parents would freak out thinking the cows would attack me for being so close to their brand new babies. I never once got attacked.

7. I name all the animals I have ever had in my life. Including the 100 head of cattle and several dozen pigs we would have at one time. We had a bull named Ferdinand and a bull named Chance. WE also had a cat named Pickles.

8. I grew up in the same yard as my grandparents. They were like a second mom and dad to me.

9. I am an incredibly huge daddy's girl and was the same way with my above mentioned grandpa.

10. I like playing in mud puddles.

11.Everyone tells me how much they love my curls but I have cried over my hair on a regular basis (as no one around here knows what to do with it).

12. I have a tattoo and would not hesitate to get another one. All the tattoos I have thought of have incredible significance to me regarding my family.

13. I am terrified of water and have a mental block that I will never be able to swim after almost drowning when I was a child.

14. I will never let my children see that water scares me as I don't want to pass this fear on to them.

15. I would love to travel to Norway to meet some of my family and to, hopefully, learn some of the language.

16. I speed (but I have never gotten a ticket speeding ticket).

17. I could eat far too much lemon meringue pie, the more meringue the better. It makes me feel happy.

18. I cry easily: happy, sad, angry, frustrated... I cry.  My dad tells me that like my grandma, my bladder is too close to my tear ducts.

19. My dad calls me Orange and Ralph.

20. My dad is my hero.

21. There is a lake named after one of my great-uncles who was killed in World War Two. It's in the very province I live in but with it's remote location, the cost to fly there to go see it would be ludicrous.

22. I want to go anyway.

23.I used to spend way too much time with a well-known bike gang.

24. I was asked to try-out for the Olympic team for Tae Kwon Do. I decided that I didn't want to devote that much time to anything at the time and said no.  I wish I had at least continued with my Tae Kwon Do trainging.

25. I can't wait to have my very own house so I can get a dog for my children. I belive it is a special part of building childhood memories. I would never give up the memories I have of the dogs that we had growing up.

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  1. Can not imagine losing everything in a fire. I would go crazy with pictures too. You were asked to try-out for the Olympics! That is so cool!