Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hypocrite? Why, yes I am...

Well, when it comes to this one thing it sure seems like it anyway!

I hear resonating through The Land of Blog, "What one thing?!"  There are hands wringing together in anticipation for some seedy, dark reason or some "Ah huh! I knew she didn't really believe all that 'God stuff' she writes on here!"

Well, I'm gonna have to burst your bubble. Not seedy. Not dark. Not anything to do with religion or my view on God.

It has to do with hair.

Grey hair.

MY!!!!! Grey!!!!! Hair!!!!!

When my dad started getting grey hair, I told him they were pearls of wisdom, showing the world just how smart he is becoming.

I discovered grey hair on my head and, although I find it a priviledge to grow old I don't neccessarily want to display it, I... I...


I plucked them out!

I. Am. A. Hypocrite!




  1. Whew!!! You can be a hypocrite with me! Yay! I am not alone! Ha ha ha

  2. Oh no! Don't pluck! That makes them like bunnies, reproducing at amazing rates. Dye those suckers!

  3. Oh, thanks for the tip! Not plucking anymore... This hypocrite is dying! :D