Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eating green sugar cubes

Yesterday I read a, now, new blogger friend's post about 25 random things about her. In one of her points she mentioned eating a pickle from off the ground and it reminded me of the green sugar cube incident of '81.

My brother was 3 years old and we had a pony named Star.  Star was a round, bay Shetland pony with, obvioulsy, a white star on his forehead.  Did I mention Star was round?  I did? Oh, ok because he was R.O.U.N.D!

We decided that we were going to give our beautiful pony a treat and having read so many books about horses loving sugar cubes, we decided that that is what we would do.  We attempted to give this silly, round pony the sugar cube. (I need to interject my own story by telling you that Star had just finished enjoying a bountiful feast of tall, juicy grass from just outside our fence.)

Star did not like the sugar cube one little bit. He rolled it around in his mouth for a bit and spit it out onto the ground. The cube was now a strange shade of green.

My brother was 3.

(I know I said that all ready but can anyone guess where this is leading to? Anyone?)

He picked that sugar cube up off the ground, in all its greeniness (You weren't there! This word totally is a legit word in this story {grin}) and popped that sucker right in his little mouth and ate it!

I guess that's one way to get kids to eat their vegetables, huh?

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