Thursday, January 20, 2011

Watched an episode of Hoarders

You know the show. I was watching it in the midst of my latest decluttering spree. That was probably some of the best inspiration a girl can have.

What a sad life for the people who suffer from this. My grandma (my mom's mom) was one of these. I didn't know her very well but I do remember the smell of her house, the garbage, the feeling of drowning when we were at her house.

I have struggled with keeping things. I feel attached to the item, feel like the memory is somehow attached to a thing. I have said on here before that our house burned down when I was a child and I can honestly tell you that I need to keep on myself to get rid of the things I had hung onto out of a fear mentality.

In my effort to organize, I had, somewhat, lost control - not to the same degree, or even close to, as the poor people on this show or my grandma.

The last while of purging and decluttering has been so freeing! My "throw it out" mentality has seriously brought so much freedom. Each piece of paper, each article of clothing, each non-used item gone is like a deep breath of fresh, country air. Now, I can assure you that my home is not a hoarder's home but I feel that it is no where near where I want it to be as far as organizing it.  I have a high expectation for what I want my home to look like... I mean, hello, Martha!

So, I, once again, have a few more things to get out of my home to take to the thrift store. I have two big bags going and the aspiration for more to follow suit very quickly! Our move into this townhouse happened at an incredibly busy time of year and I am still waiting for things to be done. (We just got Jellybean's bed frame put together for pity's sake).  There are big plans in my head for organization. I lack the funds and time to bring it all to fruition in the manner I want or in the time-frame I want but that's ok. Moving forward is moving forward; growing is growing and it will come.

Right now I am tackling my basement/storage room because we have boxes of things that need sorting, need organizing and purging. I am organizing from the inside out, right down to the hard drive on my laptop. One day, my medicine cabinet will look like this.


  1. yay for organizing and getting rid of things!!!

  2. My grandpa was definitely a Hoarder. The last time I saw his house it was a complete mess with stacks of magazines, papers and photos everywhere...and I know for a fact it got worse. I like to save things but typically move at least once a year so I haven't gotten to be a Hoarder (yet!) thankfully.