Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank you...?

Tonight at supper BigDaddy & I were talking about how I had had a bad day at work and had decided, in my mind, that I wanted to have a BigMac today for lunch and he wouldn't let me.  Let's be honest.  I was quite annoyed at that but I know he is helping me.  He was being strong for me and I appreciate that about him.

Anyway, I was having a temporary pity party. Yes, people those do happen in this house and I can freely admit to my part in them (sometimes it takes me longer to admit I am pouting but I do admit it {grin}). I was saying things like 'it doesn't seem to matter what I do, once I get to this weight I can't lose anything more' and things like that. I was speaking doubt & disbelief.

My sweet, dear Bug piped up from his spot at the kitchen table, "Mama, you are NOT fat. You are just a little out of weight, that's all." 

He really has been coming to my "rescue" lately and building up my honor.  Take for example on the way home from our extended vacation last week, BigDaddy & I were talking and he said, "So, what do you think, chick." Bug let his disgust at that comment be known from the back seat, scolding his daddy, "That's not some chick!  That's my mommy!"

Have I told you guys lately that he is seriously my favorite seven year old?  Like, I am not even kidding! {grin}


  1. too cute. i love it when a boy shows his love for his mama!!

  2. Isn't it just the sweetest!? I do love being defended, whether needless or not, by my boys!