Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"But my hands will catch fire"

Last night I ran Bug a bath (bath night for both kids and he happened to be first on the agenda). I made the water nice and warm - knowing that the heat of the water and the bath just before bed would put. him. out. like. a. light.

Bug tends to be overly dramatic when it comes to bathing in warm water and would happily bathe in frigid waters. {BRRRR}. Here is our conversation.

Mama, the water is too ho-ot!

No, Honey, it isn't. I checked. It is just fine. Your body will adapt to it and you will be just fine. You need warm water to get clean.

But Mama, it's too ho-ot!

No, Sweetie; I promise you it isn't.

My hands are about to catched on fire.

No they aren't; you are fine.

My legs are catcheding on fire, Mom.

No, honey.

Well then, my weiner is about to catch on fire and it will be a roasted weiner!

Bug, I promise you, you will not catch on fire nor will you roast your "weiner". The water is fine. You will not burn; you will not catch on fire. In fact, if you complain about the water too much more you will be complaining about being cold soon.

Fine den! I will have a bath!


  1. Haha, I didn't know we could start on fire from hot water - we can't really, can we?! ;)

  2. Judging by our experience, um, no. {Grin} Nobody and no body parts caught on fire...What a kid! :D

  3. LOL thats to funny :-)

  4. You should try putting an ice cube in to "cool it down" like soup.

  5. So cute! What a funny conversation!

  6. Thank you for the good laugh! Such a cute conversation.