Monday, February 8, 2010

You under there?

You see that odd shaped lump under the blanket on my son's belly?  Yeah?  Yeah, that's our cat.  She's an odd little thing, and I use the word 'little' very loosely as she is a fat cat - a very fat cat.  Sometimes, if we don't want to hurt her feelings, we call her fluffy.  {Grin}

She was a "rescue" cat'; the lady we got her from found her, near death, in a ditch after being hit by a vehicle.  She was darn near starved, dehydrated, cold, scared and badly broken; she had broken her hip.  She was just a kitten.

Her rescuer kept her wrapped in a blanket to warm her, to comfort her and brought her back from te doorstep of death she was on.  Once she was fully healed, the woman looked for a good home for her, as she had no room for her in her home.  We were lucky enough to get her and to love her.

6 years later, she still LOVES being wrapped in a blanket or snuggled with us under a blanket, and my kids are more than happy to oblige.
 She's a beautiful cat, a little spoiled.  If Bug doesn't feed her as SOON as he is done eating supper, she is trying to open the cupboard door where we keep her food and meowing at him. 

Jewel is a long haired, blue tortoise shell cat and when we first got her, and Jellybean was 3, she went around telling everyone that she had a blue cat.

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