Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Saturday; do you know where I am?

If you guessed back at Manville Bay working, you won! Unfortunately, I told you the answer and have no way of verifying that you knew on your own so...there is no prize. Rats! And it was really good too! It was a...a...I give up. I have no idea what it would have been but it would have been really good.

Some of the work I was doing last Saturday. Mudding, sanding, cutting in and painting.

Floor prep (for the laying of the lino which I, thankfully, did NOT do); I am being stretched in my skillset but I think that would be a bit much. We want it to look nice. Ain't happening if I do lino. Nope! No way! Not gonna happen! And yes, that is a Pepsi lime that is motivating me and pumping me full of sugary energy to continue.

Really, I loved the Pepsi lime last weekend. I mean, I like the taste of it ALL the time but, given that most of my crew didn't show up, this bottle of citrusy flavored goodness was my helpmate! Seriously. I was draggin' by the time I got home. Just look at that tired, weary person up there. (And yes, I have now been dubbed AngieMyma)
As tired as I was, and do I ever mean tired (I was awake long enough to shower, eat supper and go to bed), it is such a great tired. Doing something for others, working your body to that brink of exhaustion for someone has its rewards. One of them being that you fall asleep before your head hits the pillow. {Grin} Among others.

This picture was taken two Saturdays ago and is part of what I am doing again today. Right now even - since this was a scheduled post and all. So, could you who pray, pray that my work crew shows up and that we meet our deadlines and all that. If you aren't a praying person maybe you could just send some Pepsi lime...{Grin}

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