Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just got news and other randomness

News that we may be getting a visit from my mother, step-dad and Rush on Monday.

It will be Family Day here for some of the provinces in Canada on Monday; we get the day off.  It is also winter break week.

My 6 year old, Bug thinks that Valentine's Day is the day where "daddy is supposed to truckmantic to mommy".

Jellybean lived one of her dreams on Thursday; she was able to go watch a sled dog race.  I'll post pictures on Monday (probably).

We're having a supper at the church tonight - followed by a Money Matters meeting and a Servants in Training meeting.  Apparently some big news will be announced.

Other than that, not much to mention, friends.  Sorry, pretty boring today. 

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day with your loved ones.  I know I am excited to be with the people I love, at my fabulous church today!!  Tomorrow I will spend quality {alone} time with my honey.  Today my very dear friends celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary!  Congratulations, Wayne and Shar; we love you SO much!


  1. If you do get that visit I hope that it goes smoothly!

    Happy Valentines day!

  2. Just stopping by for the first time and I wanted to say hi! Your blog is really cute-I love the buttons. :)