Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - Destruction

This picture was taken of the hospital I was born in, the hospital I had my tonsils removed in and the hospital to which I was taken the first time I was raped. My dad was born in this hospital and my auntie was the Nursing Unit Manager of the Pediatrics Dept. My brother and sister were born here. My sister was born a few weeks premature; she fought for her life here. My dad was brought here when he hurt his back when he was (I believe) hit by a tree while working as a lumber jack. Up until our house burned down, he had the letter I "wrote" to the doctors as a three year old, thanking them for helping my daddy.
I cried when they tore it down. This was that day.
Head on over to Long Road to China to see more fabulous photos!


  1. All I can say is wow. What a place of memories for you. I am glad you have this image to remind you of the way this place impacted your family.


  2. Isn't it sad when something that truly means so much to us is taken away....

    Truly captivating photo!

    Here's to a great week!

  3. Its incredible when a place comes to mean something so fundamental for a family and the threads of their history.

    Thank you for sharing this and I'm glad you will always have the image.

    You little guy is cute as can be too! :)

  4. It is amazing how one building can remind you of so many moments in your life. This photo is amazing.

  5. Isn't it funny how we can feel such a deep spiritual connection to something that is really nothing more than wood and concrete and nails? But I do know exactly how you feel. I hope you got lots of photographs before they tore it down. And I hope the best of the memories remain bold and vivid in your heart.

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  6. I love that you wrote the meaning behind this photo. It takes a broken down building and makes it a safe loving place. I'm so glad you were able to get this picture..

  7. What a deep, deep post..thanks for sharing..
    that story and the photo..