Thursday, February 25, 2010

Declutter bug strikes again!

I've been on a decluttering kick - have been for some time now.  It seems to be a never ending task in this house anyway.  (Anyone else?  Just me?  Oh...)

The other day I attacked Bug's room.  No before or after pictures.  Kind of glad about that though.  The "before" scared me enough to wonder if I would find someone's small child in there alone and scared or Jimmy Hoffa or something.  Still, I put on my brave face (perhaps some rubber gloves {grin}) and grabbed a bag for garbage.  His room is now clean and this is what I took out of it.  I would also like to mention that this was ALL trash! (broken toys, filled coloring books, things boys collect that their moms don't want to know were in the house - sort of kidding).

(Ok, so the milk jug and the laundry detergent bottle were not a part of his room but, the three bags of garbage and the really ratty pillow were.)

I also gathered a whole lot of stuff from our house to go to the thrift store (And again, still lots more stuff for me to gather and/or get emotionally ready to leave my house.  WHY are we so attached to things!?)

The painting is not something I have parted with but it has been moved to my husband's office.  LOOK at all that stuff - just look at it! The more I get rid of the more "extra" clutter drives me crazy and I am getting a bit more ruthless.

However, I did end up bringing more stuff into my house.  You do have to replace the clothes you get rid of - especially when your children seem to out-grow everything at once.  I did get some really good deals though!

Found, at WalMart, 2 pair of rubber boots for my children.  Originally cost $12/pair.  Purchased for $3/pair.  Both kids equipped for half the cost of one pair! And, as I have a girl and a boy left at home, I did what any loving "this aint no fashion show" mom frugal mom would do.  I bought my daughter a pair of plain dark blue boots from the boys department for $3 instead of spending $16.00 to get her pink ones with flowers that will be covered in mud {as soon as the snow begins to melt}; this way, in two years, her brother will fit them fabulously.

I also found some great shirts for the kids.  $75.00 worth of clothes for them for the much smaller cost of $13.00!  My kids need to wear dress clothes to school and, at times, it can be very hard to find suitable stuff for them. 

Here's what I found...

(Sorry, don't know why it is rotated and can't get it fixed, gtaking this from a memory stick and, although rotated properly on the stick, it is spinning it sideways)
Flower print shirt for Jellybean $3.00
White polo shirt for Bug   $3.00
Fooler hooded shirt w/ brown cord jacket for Bug  $7.00

My kids can wear all of these things to school and church and, other than the polo shirt, are clothes they would choose to wear everyday.  The hooded shirt Bug can only wear on "casual" Fridays but I am very happy with my "deals".  Now to find them some more pants.  {sigh}

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