Monday, May 3, 2010

28 days

Yep, 28 days.  Depending on the circumstance, 28 days can seem like a long time.  When you are downsizing and moving into a different home, it feels like a deep breath. (on twitter I thought it was 27 but I remembered that there are 31 days in May.)

Today I had the day off and thus, the ability to collect some boxes and make some plans.  I have, to this point, gotten 1 1/2 boxes of kitchen stuff packed and a BIG box of stuff collected and priced for a garage sale.  I don't even know if I dare post pictures of the bags I end up throwing in the garbage.

Oh, speaking of which, I still owe a post showing what I got rid of on my last purging/clean sweep episode...with all the chaos of the last few days, I totally forgot. 

Off to take the kids to music; BigDaddy is out of town for the week, and when I get home I will continue with what I can pack so early.

Giving another shout out to God to thank Him for His goodness.  BigDaddy just got his cheque in the mail for his income tax and it was substantially lower than he had thought it should be.  As I flipped the paper over, I saw a note that said $938 had been garnished from his cheque for Maintenance that he owes his ex-wife.

Exqueeze me?  When we were having our biggest financial trouble last year, he had a couple of support cheques bounce but we have been paying extra every month to make up for that.  A couple of phone calls later and we found out that it was a simple glitch that had been overlooked and Maintenance is sending us a reimbursement cheque for the full amount.

This means that we can, first (and excitingly) pay our tithe off of his return, pay what I owe for my income tax, pay back the money we borrowed 2 weeks ago from BigDaddy's parents to buy our "new" car (before it was bought by another), have money to get the paint for our new dwelling place and get a new kitchen table/chairs as the one we have will not fit in our new kitchen/dining room.  I told you I had to downsize A. LOT!

But yeah, God, that You have provided for us and had this taken care of before we even knew the "problem" existed!

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