Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I would post a picture of what I  woke up to this morning but, I don't want to ruin your day too.  I know; I'm nice that way. You're welcome.

Anywhoodles, there is snow {YES, SNOW} everywhere!  EVERY. WHERE!  And it is very scarey out there - as far as road conditions.

Cars are flipped over in ditches and ambulances (well, one) are flipping over enroute to get those wounded in the initial car wreck.  I hate that my husband is on the road right now but I also have faith that God will keep my husband safe.

I hope, wherever you are, the snow has not come or, if it has, the roads are a lot safer than ours.

Maybe this afternoon I will post the picture(s); you know, so I don't make you lose your breakfast right now. {grin}


  1. YikeS!! I wont tell you wHat OuR weaTher iS like today... :)

  2. Oh gosh...snow in May is just not cool, ever!!!