Saturday, May 15, 2010

Did somebody get the license on that bus?

Because I am pretty sure it ran me over.  I am physically exhausted.  I went to Manville at 9 yesterday morning and left at 11:30 last night.  I spent the entire time painting our new living space.  Two coats kitchen and living room and one coat in the three bedrooms before BigDaddy sent me home due to the spasms I was having in my lower back. 

He just called me, as he had gone over to do the final bedroom coats and it all needs to be re-done.  We kept telling them our unit was not ready to paint but due to time constraints for final inspection, we were told paint and what needs fixing we will fix and patch.  Once they saw how much work needed done (this morning) they told us they had to fix it; they are paying for our new paint and all that but my body hurts and it feels like it was for nothing.  Oh well, let's chock it up to exercise and call it even.

Now for some GREAT news!  My brother (in-law) stopped by again two days ago.  He is now on day 20 of his sobriety!  WOO HOO!!

Anywhoodles, he and his girlfriend stopped by for supper and she fell in love with Jewel, our cat.  So, uncle is going to take our kitty to his house where we can know she is being loved on and cared for, and we can visit her.  Even in Trev's roughest years, there was no way he would ever not care for his animals.  We will miss her but there is such a relief to know that she is being taken care of and not just going to some stranger and that we can  still see her once in a while.

Time to get some more boxes filled...

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