Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is how we do it, baby

Actually, this is where I ask you, how do you go about your shopping? Are you a once a week shopper? Every pay period?  Monthly? 

I tend to be the every 2 week/pay period shopper with a run to the store here and there {lately} because of absentmindeditis or some similar affliction.

But I am wondering what works for you and why?  How do you plan your shopping, with a meal plan?  Is is a set weekly plan, bi-weekly, monthly? your grocery budget do you only purchase food?  Do you have a separate budget for personal items, cleaning products, etc?

I lump it all in one.

I'm using this time of moving to fine tune some things in our lives from clutter, to budgets, to organizing, to... well, you get the idea and so I thought we could share our best tips with each other.

Since this is my game, I get to go first.

I found that as soon as you have more than one child the snack items in the house seem to become just another thing to argue about so...

I took matters into my own hands and got "shoebox" sized plastic containers, labelled them with each of the kids' names, and I divide snacks accordingly.  I will also pre-bag homemade cookies, crackers, etc for quick access in lunch making AND to avoid "She ate all the {insert delicious snack here}" or "Yeah!  Well, that's just 'cuz he ate all the {insert something equally tempting here}".

I would take pictures of our lovely snack boxes to share with you however, they are, presently, empty as grocery day is tomorrow, and baking day is on the weekend. 

Your turn...

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  1. Oh gosh, girl, I'm so disorganized it's not even funny. I clip coupons and check the adds. I shop Aldi, Walmart and then the sales at 2 other grocery stores. BUt meal plans? WHOA! WAY too much prep needed for that. We get paid every 2 weeks but I shop mostly one day and probably stop for other stuff I wanted/ needed/ forgot/ discovered we needed 2 more times, per week. I try to hit other stores each time so I'm not going to 4 stores in one day, with children. Tha'ts too much. Did I mention that 99% of the time I am lugging at least the 3 youngers to the store with me, in and out and in and out. And I hate it but since it's not likely to change, I just don't think about it. My dd (5yo) hates WM. Cap H. ANd it/she makes my life miserable. I'll be so happy when she's in K next yr and I can go w/o her.