Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not Really Excited

For Mother's Day that is.  I know I shouldn't feel this way and I should just focus on spending the day with the two beautiful kiddos that will be with me and not worrying about the 5 kiddos that won't. I know hope I will get calls, at least, from LilB, PB&J, Tuff and BabyK but, I wonder if I will hear from Rush.

I admit that it has, at times, consumed my thoughts, especially at work where I face the Mother's Day cards and I would silently wonder if she thinks of me enough to call or send a card.  Last year she wrote me a letter telling me how much I meant to her, the sacrifices she saw me make for her.

How fast times change.

Feeling a little blue today.  We were just informed that a very dear friend of ours, a man who has raised millions of dollars for missions (orphanages for children all over the world, plus many other projects) throughout his life, a fiesty, Elvis-look alike with an Australian accent passed away.  He contracted a virus that ran through his body, attacked his heart and caused his heart to stop.

He was not an old man.  He will be missed - A LOT!

The last time we were able to see him was last year at our May conference when he came up from California to speak.

We love you, Alick and we will miss you VERY much!

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  1. Sorry for your loss! But heaven's gain:O)
    I hope your mother's day will far exceed your expectations!