Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clone me

Now that's a scary thought!  More than one of me running around this world.  Yikes!  I think the world can only handle one; seems like a credible thought process to me given I wasn't born a twin.  {grin}  I only jest; I know twins can be just as different as night and day.

Let me tell you why I need to be cloned once or twice - perhaps a bajillion times.  I actually only need the clones for a week, maybe two and then we can get rid of the excess me's before they run amuck. {grin}

In the next 7 days I have:

a house to pack up
a garage sale to hold
a new place to paint
a skit to rehearse with all my actors
a song to write
to find someone to write some music to the song
corporate prayer to prepare for
boxes to move and unpack
a 4 day conference beginning next Thursday
no husband here to help me
a cat to find a home for
2 children to provide care for {for some reason they feel that they still need to eat when I am busy - GRIN}
a family of three still living with us

Wait a minute!  What in the world am I doing on here!?  I need to get to work!  Just needing to *visit* with my friends for a bit.

And about those clones... none of you happen to be mad scientists by profession or hobby?  No?  Just checking.  {Um, ppssstttt, email me mad scientist friends we'll get this whole cloning thing worked out, mkay?}

1 comment:

  1. WOWSERS!! You have alot going on lady, But let me know how the clone search goes, I could use a clone or 2 or 3...