Sunday, May 16, 2010

'Cuz I like making lists - that's why!

Ok, I need a game plan and I need to be able to have access to the game plan, and, you know, not accidentally pack in a box or something.

It could happen.


So,  here is my week in a nutshell or, at least the things that I need to get done

→ kids to school
→ go to grocery store to grab a few items for the week for school lunches (fruit and juiceboxes mainly)
→ clean Jewel's litter box and prepare for her to go with brother (in-law)
→ pack in Bug's room
→ go pick up Bug from school
→ make him lunch, say goodbye to Jewel, take a few minutes to cry
→ pack
→ get Jellybean from school
→ pack
→ make/eat supper
→ kids to music lessons
→ immediately following lesson, head to church for skit/song practice
→ no more packing tonight - just sleep

→ kids to school
→ packing
→ bottles to SARCAN for return
→ pick up Bug
→ packing and picking up Jellybean and supper
→ corporate prayer team meeting

→ same as above (other than SARCAN and corporate prayer mtg)
→ song and skit practice


→ more packing
→ Day one of 4-day conference

→ no school for Bug
→ packing
→ Day two of conference
→ Big Daddy finally back home (he left today at 2:30)

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  1. wow that is one busy week! Praying for much energy for you!!!!!