Sunday, May 16, 2010

Let's Just Say

that I intended to fall asleep when I went to "close my eyes" for just a couple minutes as I was cooking supper.


let's just say that we happen to like the cheese on our lasagna extra *ahem* golden brown.

And let's just say that it was wa-ay too hot out today for me to have used the oven anyway.

And let's just say that I am trying to not alllow these things to make me cranky.

And let's just say that I am SO taking me and the kids out for an ice cream cone after the  rehearsal for the skit and the practicing of the song...

And let's just say, we are not going to feel guilty about it AT. ALL!  {grin}


  1. no guilt. go for the ice cream!!!!! :)

  2. mmm - icecream - nope no reason for guilt I hope you enjoyed!! {grin}

  3. I wanted to drop by and say Thank you for your kind and amazing words on my blog today. You actually brought me to tears!

    I truly appreciate your hope and well wishes.

    I firmly believe that there is a reason this is happening. Eventually I will come out on the other end much better and stronger, as will my entire family. :0)