Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Update

I just thought I would give you all an update on our three fish babies...fries as they are called. They are doing so good; they are growing and are they ever cute. We bought some baby fish food called Small Fry and we have to feed them several times a day. Some would call it a pain in the butt and not really worth the time or the effort but I think it is. Jellybean really enjoys helping me take care of "her" babies. She has named them ALL Strawberry Shortcake; I'm not sure if that's because they are all actually named that or if because they are still too small to really tell apart (if you can tell fish apart).
I am thinking there is still a mama fish in there. If she's not pregnant then we need to get some low fat fish food for her and put her on the fish version of the South Beach diet or Atkins or something. Maybe she's just big boned...I dunno. I really don't profess to know a lot about fish. I've had a few but really, I'm learning as I go.

I love watching them; they are very peaceful and relaxing, until you feed them and they go savage. I do, however, find them interesting to watch. BigDaddy laughs at me when I sit at the tank and watch these fish but that's okay....I'm just attempting to relax. Nah, I just really enjoy watching them and their behaviors...they remind me a lot of people in their behavior. I wrote a poem about gold fish when I was in grade 12 about how they swim around sedate watching you watch them, swimming peacefully and then when you feed them they turn savage but once the food is gone they return to their original sedate little fishy selves, watching you watch them...

One guy who read my poem thought I was really writing about politics. I was just a warped teenager writing a poem that honestly just popped in my head...the more I learn about politics, the more I think he may be on to something...

(originally posted June 26, 2005)

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