Saturday, August 7, 2010

The cat came back the very next day but not this time

If you remember, we had to get rid of our dear cat, Jewel.  BigDaddy's brother took her to his house.
She hid in their house for two days.  She sulked but eventually came out from hiding and seemed like she was adjusting. Two days later, she ran away from home.

Trev felt so badly that each time the kids asked him how she was, he told them she was fine.  He felt so much guilt because he had told them he would take good care of her {which I know he did} and he knew how much it meant to them and didn't want to break their hearts.

We have no hard feelings towards him; this wasn't his fault in the least. The kids had their cries.  We found out on Rush's birthday so my attention was elsewhere.  But we are sad that she has probably met her death as she had been declawed and had never been outside since we got her as a kitten.

So, in honor of our beloved Jewel here are a couple shots of her with the kids.

We love you, JEWEL.