Monday, August 9, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yes, I am singing and no, it is not because Christmas is coming and I am singing the carol.  It is because today I started buying school supplies!  Yay!  I love school supplies!  Now I am not even happy to be buying school supplies simply because it means school will be starting for my kiddos; I loved getting brand new school supplies, starting a new school year and thinking "this year will be different; my books will be so neat this year."

Anywho, I decided that this year it would be nice to kind of "spoil" my kids with their supplies - make them as fun as possible.  After all the kids will be spending most of their week in school at their "office" (aka desk but in the ACE program they are referred to as offices), so why not make it as homey and fun and inviting as possible?

I didn't end up spending too terribly much more on their school supplies but we decided to go with color themes this year.  Jellybean picked lime green as it is her favorite, favorite color.  That's right.  Double favorite!  Bug picked orange because, as we have come to learn on this blog, orange is his favorite color.

The kids do still need a couple of things picked up: erasers, backpacks, gym clothes, runners and indoor dress shoes.  And I am still looking for an orange binder, pencil case/box and lunchkit for Bug.

Let me show you the goods.  My kids are going to be two very bright students this year... and I am not being biased.  The proof's in the pics...

I couldn't find Bug an orange water bottle but if I do find one between now and the end of the month, I will just keep this one at home for him and send the other to keep at his office.

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