Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a little late

getting this up but, here are the pictures of Bug with his orange cast.

Orange partially for Stellan, Mckmama's youngest son who has fought his whole life with SVT until an incredibly successful ablation very recently!  His other reason for chosing orange is that it is ONE of his favorite colors - ONE vacillates between orange and blue.

(waiting for the orthopedic sugeon to assess the damages)

(here it is, bright, unsigned and... water proof!  Yeah baby, gone are the days of bread bags tied around your cast. Bug can even go swimming with this baby on - if he doesn't plan on staying in the pool for hours on end.)

(getting his cast signed by the "ladies")


  1. Orange is an excellent choice! What a cool cast, I'm jealous its waterproof! I broke my foot once and had to wrap a big black trash bag around it any time I wanted to take a shower, what a pain!

    Look at all those ladies ;-) haha!

  2. I did not know they made waterproof casts. Fab!!

    Love the orange and that big old smile on his face as he showed it off!

  3. The lining is waterproof and the "cast" is fiberglass...we didn't know either but we know the cast technician and he let us know about it (laughing that he knew we would appreciate it as he "knows" my husband and I and can only guess how much more a combination of the two of us would be.) GRIN

  4. Do you guys know Stellen in real life??

  5. No we don't but my kids sit with me if I am using the computer so they "know" all about him and his journey and we would add him to our morning prayers...