Thursday, November 5, 2009

You may question the witness

So, I just noticed that I am nearing 100 posts on this blog. Wow! All ready, huh?

I have seen others do this and thought, if there was enough interest, I would do the same so, without further ado...

Let's play get to know me. If you have a question for me, about anything, feel free to ask and I just may do a blog post about it (or at the very least email you the answer back, should I perhaps chicken out)

So, let's do this. Fire off your questions to me in an email to

You never know, it could be fun...

(How's that for being able to bounce back? Like I said in the comments of my previous post, most of the time, as soon as I write out what I am feeling, it is a release and I feel loads better. Prayer helps to! :D )

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