Monday, November 9, 2009

Just waiting

That's what we've done this afternoon and what we will continue to do tonight. 

Poor Bug was pushed at school.  Not pushed on purpose.  Well, it was on purpose but not with the intentions to hurt him.  He and his school chums were playing tag. He was running; they were running and, unfortunately, he was tagged.  This resulted in him having a terrible crash into the school building.

I spoke with his teacher while we were waiting at the minor emergency clinic and she said that Bug seemed ok, ust a bit sad about his scratch (on his arm). When I picked him up from my friend's house, he was well on his way to being in shock and he could not move his arm at all - fingers were ok, arm no.

When we got in to see the doctor, which happened to be our "second", a doctor I prefer to see when our family doctor is unavailable, he seemed quite positive that Bug has a fracture or something called green stick.  We headed up to Radiology on the other side of town but did not get there in time for Bug to be seen.

Now, we wait for tomorrow morning to get his x-ray and are under orders to "keep his arm still".  Under other circumstances, i would wonder how on earth I could do that {other than wit the help of duct tape - grin} but, poor Mr. Bug honestly can not move his arm. is, thus far, pretty easy to keep his arm still. a scale of one to ten

this smiley faced boy (taken last Sunday) is at a 10.

Tomorrow morning we will see if he is need of a cast or what is going on with his poor little arm.


  1. Oh, no!! Poor bug! I hope he's able to keep it kind of still tonight. Bless his heart!

  2. Aww! Poor guy! Hang in there, waiting is a killer. I hope its not too bad. While a pain in the rear, a cast can be fun! Good luck tomorrow!