Friday, November 20, 2009

This is your captain speaking

"We hope that you have enjoyed flying with AirAng.  We hope you have enjoyed your flight. Please buckle your seatbelts.  We may experience some turbulance as we land, and if it gets too much, put your head between your knees and kiss your butt goodbye."

Last night, I needed Calgon to take me away.  Or the Energizer bunny to come to my rescue.  I have so much work right now that I could probably handle three of me - not one of me while also dealing with BigB having been gone ALL this week.

I have tried to remain calm, tried to.  Right now I feel like a duck on water - calm and serene on top but, please, if you don't mind, please don't peak under the water to see how fast and frantic my feet are going under the water. I am about to kiss my butt goodbye.

→I have been going through things in our house, and getting rid of lots.  Yesterday I took 4 large bags of junk to the trash can as well as a ratty, old wicker trunk.  I am not pleased to say there is still more to go through as that is all ready a lot of crap.  I am in the process of moving our room down to Rush's old room and Jellybean up to our present one. 
→My friend is turning 40 tomorrow.  Her husband has been getting me to plan and prepare for her surprise party. 
→Our worship team is now having a "party' for her tomorrow too.  I have now been asked to get that together as well, as the original girl has to work that day and can't come.
→I had bought a bunch of hamburger in order to make some lasagnas to freeze and I NEED to get that done.  Pronto!
→ Today is Child Tax Day here in Canada.  That means that people are going to be going nuts in the store - they will be lined up past the tills, down the aisles, most like half to 3/4s of the way down the store.  At least I am only there until 1:00.

It could be very quiet here this week. So much for my questions post.  It will come - maybe.

I have been going on adrenaline all this week; I think it has run its course. I probably resemble one of those crash test dummies, flailing around, almost about ready for impact.

Being a mom is a real juggling act, isn't it? And I am going through a real trying revamping phase here.  It's all stemming from my monumental drepression after Rush left.  I let everything pile up around me while I wallowed in self-pity that she wasn't going to fulfill the promise she made me when she was 5 years old of always going to live with me forever - her, her husband, her kids, her dogs, cats, horses and her gorilla.  I am getting back on track - it's just an awful lot of work.

So, tell me.  What kind of routine do you have in your day?  How do you keep it all together? What are your efficiency secrets and your tips to getting back on top of Mount Overwhelmous and back into the Land of Peace and Ease?


  1. Hello!

    You have a great sense of humor and that must help you get through each day. Something that I noticed is that you are always volunteering or being asked to help out somewhere. Please be good to yourself and your family by not overextending. I had a friend that said that she was going to wear a shirt for Halloween with suckers (lolipops) all over it because she was always commiting herself to everyone/everything :)

    I make lists, which helps me to be productive and stay on task. Without them I would forget half of what I need to do.

    I try to put God first if I am being obedient and when I do that everything seems to fall into place.

    I try not to make goals that are too big to attain so that I won't be frustrated.

    Take Care my friend,
    With love and hope,

  2. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get my brain to stop making a to-do list for today. So frustrating!!

    I second the list idea. Focus on one thing (I tend to flit back and forth on things). Then cross it off when you finish. Even if you only accomplish one or two things a day. At least you can feel accomplished that you crossed something off.

    Good luck in the stores!! I avoid tax-free days like the plague! ; )

  3. I can relate to the wallowing and junk problem. I apparently (though not obviously) had a hard time dealing with my miscarriage this summer, and have been "going thru it" since August. I am now finally starting to see daylight, and get the "me" back. I'm also cleaning a lot (more than I used to).

    SO hey, what does Child Tax Day mean, and why are people running around in the stores?

  4. All My Monkeys, that's as long as I have been wallowing too - so three months of shoulda dones to take care of with the stuff that needs done now. Grr. Silly, silly me! {grin}

    In Canada, the govt gives you money monthly the amount depending on your income, amount of children and ages of the children. Some people get more money on this one day than I make all month (including the money I get today). So, they come to the store and buy food like it's going out of style and it is ridiculous, really.

    I am going to have to do that list thing. I know I would love to be able to cross things off a list as DONE.