Friday, November 6, 2009


shirt and this picture drove me over the edge about getting serious about getting fit and healthy and losing me some weight. It is not as bad as the shirt makes it appear but, come on, people, I look like I am about to give birth to a baby and not that my baby is the seriously cute little boy with the faux hawk beside me!

As I was perusing the pictures on my hard drive, immediately after taking the picture last month, I took the shirt off and put it in my bag of "to give away".

I am thinking of adding that picture to my refrigerator door beside this one...

5 years post first child (the first picture is 6 years post last child).  I was about 105 pounds here and, according to my husband, too skinny however, I am not looking to replicate this picture.  Maybe, perhaps, I could get just a bit closer than I am...

So...? Let's do this!

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  1. I use pictures too to keep myself motivated. Mine are from my honeymoon where I was extremely fit. I'm with you on this. Discipline. Determination. Drive.
    ps...honestly didn't think you looked like you were getting ready to give birth - but we all see ourselves differently and it that was enough to kick it up a notch - then all right!